Class Timing and Schedule:
Students must arrive and leave on time. No siblings are allowed in class.

Pick up and drop off:
Parents are encouraged to drop off their children for dance class and pick them up after class. Parents are not allowed in the classroom during lessons. We also request that you do not tstay back and talk in the lobby as it disturbs other businesses in the building. Please respect and abide by this rule.
Any communication with the teacher should be done via phone or email; please do not stay after class to talk with the teacher, as it delays the next class.

Class tuition for the entire month is due on the 1st of each month or at the first class of the month, whichever comes first – no exceptions.
A $10 fee will be charged for payments made after the 5th of the month. This will be strictly followed starting this year. You can also send the check by mail to avoid late payment to the following address.
12687 NW Majestic Sequoia Way,
Portland, OR 97229.

Parents have the option of making one payment for a trimester divided in the following way.
September- December ( 4months)
January to April ( 4 months)
May – August ( this will be for 3months only with the option of taking one month vacation with no fee charges).

Sundays -no classes.
No classes for the following fall 2015
Sept 1 – Labor day
Oct 23rd -Deepavalli
Oct 31 -Halloween
Nov 27 – Thanksgiving
Dec. 20th – Jan 4-Christmas holidays no school

Missing classes are strongly discouraged. 24hour notice is required for a cancellation.
There will be only 1 makeup class given per month. There will be no refunds for missed classes for any reason.

Students are required to wear loose pyjamas/kurta to class. with a dupatta. Skirts, shorts, jeans and T shirts are not allowed.
Bindi, bangles and a small chain are a must. Hair must be braided and not loose. Please keep all hair falling on the face, as it then hinders eye coordination and is distractive. A hair band would be helpful to do this.

At the beginning of each class, time will be spent on stretching warm up and reviewing adavus and old lessons. New lessons will be taught only upon demonstrated accomplishment of previously taught lessons. Students are also expected to review lessons at home before arriving to class, including theory and practice. It is strongly recommended to set up a daily home practice time for 15-30 minutes a day. Home practice will reduce the number of mistakes that the student would commit in class and allows the student to advance more quickly.
Classes will vary in size 10-15 per class. Students will be grouped according to their skill level and not age. Class schedules for siblings will be discussed with the parents in the event of different time requirements.

No gum, food, snacks or drinks allowed in the studio.
Each student may bring a sealed, non-spill water bottle to class and take it home at the end of the class. All items left behind, including clothes will be donated to the salvation army at the end of the month.
All young students should wait inside classroom for parent to pick up. No drop-off and pick-up at the entrance of the building.
No horseplay inside or outside of the studio.
Please remain quiet and respectful in the waiting area while other classes are in session.